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Act Financial is an active investment company based in Egypt. Rooted in a deep understanding of local dynamics, we are Egypt-centric investment enthusiasts. Our passion lies in crafting unique opportunities by thinking outside the box, designing distinctive investments, and navigating the ever-evolving market landscape.

At Act Financial, our approach is characterized by meticulous planning. We follow a thorough buy-side investment process, carefully selecting opportunities that align with our unwavering conviction. We recognize the importance of structure and tactics, aiming not only to uncover hidden intrinsic value but also to contribute meaningfully to the equity story.

While we place immense value on creativity, we are equally dedicated to translating our strategies into tangible results. For us, achieving high returns and executing timely exits is the essence of the craft.

We are not passive investors investing in undervalued opportunities - WE UNLOCK THE VALUE AND CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY.

Investment Approach Creating opportunities through consistently thinking out of the box.

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    Executive Board Members

    Bassem Azab


    Mostafa Abdelaziz


    Karim Nehma


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