Our Team

Executive Board Members

Bassem Azab

CEO & Co-founder

Mostafa Abdel Aziz

Managing Partner & Co-founder

Karim Nehma

Managing Partner & Co-founder

Non-executive Board Members

Tarek Youssef

CEO, Concrete+ T&D

Mohamed Allam

CEO, HAP Development

Omar Abdel Gawad

CEO, Ibn Sina Pharma

Executive Staff


Investment Committee

Bassem Azab, CEO & co-founder

Mostafa Abdel Aziz, Managing Partner & Co-Founder 

Karim Nehma, Managing Partner & Co Founder

The Investment Committee is responsible for first approval of investments after the investment team completes multiple initial reviews, discussions, and assessments of valuation and structure. After Investment Committee approval, all investments are presented to the board of directors for final approval.​

Audit Committee

Mohamed Mahgoub, Board Member

Tarek Youssef, Board Member

Karim Nehma, Managing Partner

The Audit Committee approves and reviews all compliance and financial reporting processes. The committee assists the board in overseeing the internal audit and the external audit processes to maintain best practices in governance, compliance, and integrity. Act Financial has appointed Baker Tilly as external financial auditor since inception.​

Remuneration Committee

Bassem Azab, CEO

Omar Abdel Gawad, Board Member

Tarek Youssef, Board Member

All remunerations including salaries and any bonuses to executive staff are preapproved by the Remuneration Committee, which reviews, structures, recommends, and evaluates all relevant company compensation structures before submission to the board of directors for final approval.​

Our Team

Mahmoud Rahmy

HR and Administration manager

Wessam Charaf

Chief Compliance Officer

Mohamed El-Sayed

Finance Manager

Youssef Khaled