Transaction: PIPE of a decent minority representing the largest stake in the company

Company:  one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt with a significant portfolio of mega developments, most notably west and east Cairo. Act Financial is currently leading a consortium that owns the largest shareholding in the company and has multiple strategic and turnaround plans for the company.

Consortium members:


Transaction: PIPE of a minority stake

Company:  One of the leading force in the pharmaceutical industry with a significant track record and potential for growth.

Consortium members:

Non-Banking Financials (2020)

Transaction: PIPE of a minority stake in one of the leading companies in Egypt

Company:  The second largest non-banking financial services provider in Egypt, the company provides a variety of services including leasing, factoring , and investment banking services. Act Financial helped enhancing the shareholding structure of the company.

Consortium members:

Beltone Financial  (2015 – 2019)

Transaction: Leveraged buyout through a mandatory tender offer on 100% of the company jointly with Orascom Investment Holding

Company:  Beltone Financial is one of the leading investment banks in Egypt. Act Financial managed an operational turnaround in the company with full executive management, realizing an operational leap as well as exit of the investment with an IRR exceeding 30%.

Consortium members: